Respect Your Dog’s Feelings

Dogs can experience humiliation. Not all dogs, mind you. Many pooches will go merrily along with whatever you want, allowing you to subject them to all sorts of undignified things. Other dogs, particularly smarter breeds, know when they should be ashamed. It shows on their faces.

For example, you don’t have to go far these days to find crazy things for you dog to wear. Just have a look at the Doctors Foster and Smith website.

Sometimes this is a practical matter like keeping a short-haired dog warm or providing protection. But some owners just want to see their dogs dressed up in something weird — and that’s when your dog gets that look that says, “WTF? Why are you doing this to me?”

It’s a problem.

I read about a recent study that claims dogs empathize with their human companions. The story said, “When the animals are confronted with a human displaying strong feelings, they themselves produce a similar emotional response.”

If only it were the other way around.


6 responses to “Respect Your Dog’s Feelings

  1. They eat cat poop- they’re bring it on themselves…

  2. Shame on you. My dogs never feel foolish in their silly little coats.

  3. Have you discussed this with Her Highness? She won’t listen to me!

  4. My wife always wants to dress our boxer, Prince, up in something crazy.

    I refuse to let it happen. The dogs mental health depends on him not wearing the ridiculousness she wants to put him in.

  5. ..and I’m never eating filet again….

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