Dispatch from the Blogger Protection Program

I thought that moving my blog off the Times Union site would be like entering the witness protection program. I would sort of fall of the face of the earth, landing in a new place, with a new name, unfindable. Rather like being dropped in the middle of Iowa, in terms of the internet at least.

The truth is that it hasn’t been that bad.

You know, despite my misgivings about how they run things, it wasn’t easy leaving the Times Union. Michael Huber, my handler there, was absolutely Mephistophelean in his argument for me to stay. You have a story to tell. Everyone loves you. What’s the point of writing if you have no audience?

Umm, yeah. Whatever.

So, thanks to the small (albeit brilliant and elite) group who have followed me over, and who, like U.S. Marshalls, are keeping an eye on me here in my humble new neighborhood.

Now for a gratuitous video clip! Do sing along.


14 responses to “Dispatch from the Blogger Protection Program

  1. ❤ Neko Case. Thank you for posting a video of my future ex-wife.

  2. Don’t just track it down. Stalk it!

  3. I’m in Vermont right now. Are those unrestricted concealed carries I’m seeing all over the place, or is the state just pleased to see me?

    • Said it before and I’ll say it again: you’ve gotta love a place where you can get a same sex marriage in the morning and buy a handgun at the hardware store in the afternoon.

  4. Dear Mr. Madeo…
    Watch it..

  5. love the new Colbertian banner photo..

  6. Unrestricted concealed carry? in Vermont? I had no idea! Must be to make up for those idiotically liberal laws concerning pedophiles.

    • Yes — in Vermont gun laws are practically non-existent. All you need is some ID and you’re good to go: no licensing whatsoever and you can carry. It’s a funny place considering how seems so liberal on other fronts.

  7. Rob, I enjoy your writings and am happy to follow you to your new home. I read some of your old Albany Eye postings and hope you can bring back some of that style of commentary. There’s a big void for someone to fill in actually critiquing the local media (lord knows it’s ripe for critiquing).

    • Thanks, Bob.

      You’re right about there being a big void. There’s zero analysis or commentary around here about the media, which is too bad because we need it now more than ever. Media literacy is becoming a big problem, and despite growing skepticism by the public, there seems to be little understanding of how and why stories get reported.

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