Found: NewsChannel 13 Microphone

Now we know why local TV is in so much trouble: they keep losing their equipment.

Matt Baumgartner posted this picture on his Friday Puppy blog of somebody goofing around with a microphone from NewsChannel 13. Turns out Dan Bazile left it behind after doing a story at Wolff’s Biergarten.

Hey, I understand! It’s not like I never lost anything while at a bar. The next day you’re all like, “Hey, what the hell did I do with my wallet/keys/pants?”

Anywho, you know where to find it, just down the block from the broadcast center. Hurry up and nobody will notice it’s missing.


5 responses to “Found: NewsChannel 13 Microphone

  1. Wallet, keys, pants… prototype iPhone… happens to us all. 😉

  2. That’s how they lost Chris Kopsatcie. She even had to change her name so we could spell it.

  3. Too funny. Think they’ll air their red face on TV?

  4. Uh… Rob? Pants??

  5. How do you forget a mic ? I mean I can understand running from one location to another, but you’d think..

    ” So if you can just speak into..the… * OH FOR CHRIST SAKE !”

    Worst i ever did was a brick battery.. and an intern, but that’s about it..

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