Hey, Who Hasn't Pooped on a School Bus?

Sure, you’ve read my complaints that local TV has gone soft and sweeps stories are suckier than ever, but people, I believe we’ve found a winner. This is a story that has everything: criminal activity, hazards to children, secret video, and — wait for it — human feces.

In this story from FOX 6 in Milwaukee, a local man catches a bus driver using her vehicle as sort of a port-a-potty on wheels. OK, there’s no sort of about it: the unidentified driver was allegedly pooping in a bag and then randomly depositing her deposits around the neighborhood.

That’s hilarious — unless you find the idea of your kid’s driver crapping on the bus revolting. Watch for the guy picking up a bag full of alleged bus driver poop. Ick.

Well, when you gotta go you gotta go.


14 responses to “Hey, Who Hasn't Pooped on a School Bus?

  1. Yeah so…um…ummmmm….I got nothin.

  2. Poop aside, she did remember to put on her hazard flashers while she was stopped.

  3. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing- the pooping in the bag or the man picking up the bags with his bare hands!! Yuck.. I’m going to throw up – thanks Rob!

  4. WOW that was a Fox News EXCLUSIVE! Way to get the scoop (HA-pun intended) on the other stations!
    And hello? WHAT has she been eating? That was a whole lotta poop in that bag!

  5. hmmmm. We live in a very strange world.

  6. “WOW that was a Fox News EXCLUSIVE!”

    This made me think of the story being delivered in an old 1940 news reel montage. “NEWS…ON THE MARCH! Who’s got the crappiest route? Why, it’s this old gal right here! Saaaayyyyy…that’s not MY bag! Send that crap to Tojo!”

  7. Could it be a training lesson for some dog walkers?

  8. Freddie: At least she used a bag. That’s a plus!

  9. Is there a regulation that forbid the driver from stopping along the route to use a bathroom? Let’s hear from a CDTA driver for some inside info.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This comment was stuck in the spam filter until 5/26. Sorry!

  10. “Bob” doesn’t give his last name “for fear of retaliation” – then why even go on camera!?!?!? Shouldn’t they have filmed him in shadow with a voice changing filter? Just think… with all of the real news in this world and they waste 2 and a half minutes on waste!

  11. I’m amazed by people who are so willing to be interviewed on camera. I’d much rather be quoted out of context in print where people can’t see me.

    And to Mr. Bob, poop victim: if they’re really, really mad, they’ll find you.

  12. I’m so happy you posted this. HAHA. There have been some interesting sweeps stories around here.

  13. 11: Well, strictly speaking I probably shouldn’t have characterized it as a sweeps story, which implies something that’s planned.

    If the news director was smart, he would have held this one in until they could plop a promo on the air. That’s the way to squeeze out some numbers.

  14. I have to agree with CSSM (#4) – there was an AWFUL LOT OF POOP in those bags. What kind of “new medicine” was she taking? Enema pills?

    And how did they get under that overpass? The bus couldn’t go down there?

    So many questions left unanswered…it’s like the LOST finale.

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