Dog Guilt

Aren’t there already enough things to feel guilty about without feeling guilty about the dogs?

You holler at them for making a racket in the yard at 6am and then regret it later. Kick them them out of the bed and feel bad. Feed them their pricey dry food with a dollop of yogurt on top and then worry that they should be eating raw.

Yes it’s stupid.

For example, I took them to the dog park twice on Sunday because I was afraid they weren’t getting enough exercise. Then I felt guilty later that one was sore from too much running. Should I give her an Advil?

The topper is when you shut them inside the house and leave for work. When I left the house this morning I left the radio on so they could listen to WAMC while I’m away. And then I saw this clip from Family Guy:

I’ll never do that again.

So I leave you today, as you worry about whether you are a god dog owner who is doing everything you should, with a few words from Stephen Budiansky:

Calling dogs parasites is fighting words, but what can I say? Dogs have got us exactly where they want us, and we, idiotic grins fixed to our faces, go along with it all….


4 responses to “Dog Guilt

  1. I can just picture the dogs listening any one of those political talk show guys. They probably would have run away and never looked back.

  2. They’re big Alan Chartock fans.

  3. Just don’t tune it to WGY- you’ll find poochy swing from the shower rod ala’ David Carradine… sans high heels.

  4. PaulD – laughed so hard, fell off my chair!

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