Welcome to Bleecker, NY

Where’s Bleecker? Down in Gloversville, they say that it’s between bleak and bleakest. When the people in Gloversville make fun of you, you know you’ve got issues.

But a place where you can settle up on your taxes, get a dog license, and have a Genny all under one roof looks pretty good to me –like here at the Bleecker General Store/Sawdust Cafe.

Bleecker General Store, Etc.

This helpful sign directs you to the essential services you require.

Sawdust Inn, Bleecker, NY

The nice thing about Upstate NY is you still don’t have to drive very far to be in the middle of nowhere. Or to be surprised that you’ve ended up in the middle of somewhere.


7 responses to “Welcome to Bleecker, NY

  1. Not the sort of place where you use bacon flavored lip balm. At least not while the bears are up and about.

  2. On the Road with Rob Madeo.. I like the sound of that..

  3. You should go back in the spring for the Blackfly Festival!

  4. Next time you venture to G-ville, you better bring a whole lot of Johnstown homies with you, or I smell trouble.

  5. yes I think I’ll pop in for a genny cream ale…

  6. lorrie from phila suburbs

    Great little cafe!

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