"Banned" from the Super Bowl

Web services company Go Daddy has done a great job of drumming up hype with it’s racy Super Bowl spots —some of them so “naughty” that they had to be BANNED.

Brilliant idea. Make something tasteless, have it rejected, then rake in publicity over your outlaw ad. Go Daddy’s spots are awful and stupid —and they’re edgy in the same way a 13-year-old boy finds Hooters provocative.

This brings us to ManCrunch. The marketers at the gay dating site know that getting your commercial banned from the Super Bowl pays big dividends in publicity. Even if you never spend a dime on advertising, you get loads of ink. Peta has played this game several times.

Now, about the commercial. I have no problem seeing two guys kiss. I have a problem with the commercial being a poorly directed and badly acted piece of garbage. That’s what’s disgraceful here.

The jerseys? Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and the Packers A.J. Hawk. If they wanted to be really humorous they would have had both of those guys in Brett Favre jerseys. And then the guy at the end of the spot could have been wearing a Jets Favre jersey. Now that would have been funny.


2 responses to “"Banned" from the Super Bowl

  1. ..wow..

    Is that shot on VHS ?

  2. That was funny!!

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