Cuts Like a Knife

beatrixEvery once in a while I like to remind you of the dangers of women with knives. Men are full of stupid remarks. Women have easy access to knives. It’s a bad combination.

WALDEN, NY – Police arrested a woman Wednesday who they say stabbed her boyfriend in the arm. Investigating a domestic dispute that occurred Tuesday, police spoke with a victim who reported that he was assaulted outside his home. When the story didn’t add up, police got a search warrant, and found a bloody knife, and signs of a disturbance inside his house. Times Herald Record

STROUDSBURG, PA -A Stroudsburg woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend with a steak knife after an argument. Marianne Strausser, 49, stabbed the boyfriend, who was not named, at 8:20 p.m. Tuesday at 3319 Strausser Lane in Jackson Township, state police at Fern Ridge said. The Morning Call

CHESTER, SC – An argument in the kitchen while cooking chicken led to a Rock Hill man being stabbed in the back with a steak knife, police say. A 40-year-old Rock Hill man refused medical treatment after being stabbed at his Constitution Boulevard residence Monday night, according to a Rock Hill police report. Christal Jackson, 30, of Chester was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. Charlotte Observer

WINONA, MN – A Winona woman cut a man’s hand with a knife and threatened to kill him, police said. Holly Kay Fruetel, 53, is charged with two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of domestic assault and a count of terroristic threats. She said she was cutting an onion during an argument with the man, and he sliced his hand when he grabbed for the knife, according to the criminal complaint made available Tuesday. Winona Daily News


6 responses to “Cuts Like a Knife

  1. I LOVE KILL BILL – and this is my favorite scene!!! Didn’t read the rest of your blog.

  2. That’s an amazing scene. I like when she spanks the one guy. How humiliating!

  3. If I ever get married? Nothing but butterknives in our house.

    We’ll order out if we have to. I’m not taking that chance.

  4. Beware, Kevin: some women have a MacGyver-like ability to fashions weaponry out of ordinary household objects.

  5. That sucks that the guy got stabbed, i have heard woman typically get really vicious when it comes to domestic violence compared to the vice versa senario.

  6. #5: Now we enter interesting territory. Women are so often the victims of brutal domestic violence that it’s hard not to root for them when they take the upper hand.

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