Kristi Gustafson Hates Luna the Dog

Times Union Photo

Luna: "Please, Kristi, don't hate me. I'm just a dog." (Skip Dickstein/ Times Union)

It’s true. Poor,deaf, lost-but-now-found bulldog mix Luna was targeted for ridicule by the Capital Region’s most popular blogger.

Kristi Gustafson came out Tuesday to condemn the media circus that erupted over cute little Luna. How dare the press devote so much time to this mangy mutt!

It’s surprising that somebody who writes about male corsets and Kate Gosselin’s hair finds a story about a lost dog frivolous. Surely Ms. Gustafson understands the news business, so maybe she’s just being provocative to get more action on her blog. I mean really, her Luna post got over 220 comments — and counting.

People who don’t get why Luna is a valid story need a class in media literacy. And who better to deliver that lesson than Kristi’s boss, Times Union Editor Rex Smith.

Back in November, Smith wrote a column about how why a story like Luna can get on the front page. He pointed out, “Sometimes stories get attention because people care deeply about them, even if they don’t matter greatly in the scheme of things.”

Smith cited several examples —including a couple of dog stories that may not have been important news but touched the audience. The money quote:

We read not only with our heads, but also with our hearts. We can’t help what we care about, and there’s nothing wrong with a newspaper reflecting that reality on its pages.

Maybe he should stop by today and leave a copy of that column on Kristi Gustafson’s desk.


107 responses to “Kristi Gustafson Hates Luna the Dog

  1. That’s sad that many people feel that way. In a world of recession, natural catastrophe, disease, hunger, and violence, God forbid we should read about a fuzzy warm-feeling happy ending type of story about a handicapped dog. Would these people rather see all the bad things going on in the world, like how many soldiers were killed in Afghanistan or Iraq? About people dying of cancer, being killed in their beds, small children being abducted, etc. I’m sorry, I really felt bad when I heard of Luna’s disappearance and it actually made my day when I heard of her reunion with her family safe and sound. I must really be a sap in a world full of ice queens or kings!

  2. Kristi doesn’t HATE Luna. She just doesn’t understand.
    We shouldn’t judge her just because she seems to care more about a Louis Vuitton bag than she cares about a dog.
    She just doesn’t understand.
    I would pity her before I would hate her.
    I agree though that she should review Rex Smith’s column.
    Isn’t it called a “Human Interest Story”?
    I think her post was meant to generate more comments/hits on her blog.
    Mission accomplished.

  3. Looks like Rob is trying to get “hits” on his blog. The whole point is that people are lost everyday due to illness, etc., animals are lost everyday, I for one contacted the newspaper, radio and tv stations and they wouldn’t announce that my dogs were lost a few years back. The point is, if you’re going to do it for one dog, the media should do it for all. I was simply told when I asked, “if we do it for you, then we have to do it for everyone” …. how do you explain that?

  4. @BARV – not all dogs are deaf like Luna, unable to hear someone shouting at her or beeping their car horn at her. There is a difference in case nobody can see it. I suppose you would say the same for a blind dog as well? Somehow I think that people still would. Sad. 😦

  5. BARV, if I’m remembering correctly you lost your dog many years ago and as I said on Mark’s blog, I think social media was a huge factor in this story. I actually retweeted about it myself!

  6. It’s a point, short and simple Jackie and Christine, because the dog was deaf, it got media attention, doesn’t seem fair that not all dogs get the same treatment. Attack away Jackie, it’s simply, an opinion. I’m in a rural area, and my dogs were through lots of woods, seen up to 30 miles away, do you think they heard me beeping and yelling their name?

  7. Agreed Jackie – the story was so news-worthy because Luna is a special needs dog. Her story brought us together as a community, which in this age of cynism, it was nice to read about people caring so much.

  8. I do pity her and will never read her column again. Blech. No thanks.

  9. Has Kristie ever read the advocate’s column? A story about dresses and other crap usually regarding people who are moronic and don’t have common sense makes it in the paper and we should not rally around a poor defenseless dog? Look how thin the paper is getting and they want to raise the rates. There was front-page news on Time Warner’s increases … nothing about the TU. Maybe if the TU focused on community interest stories it would provide more value to its readers.

  10. Well said, Rob.

    I need to note that I’ve met Kristi several times, and I like Kristi. Good gal, and she has a good following, but that blog post rings hollow to me as well.

    This is not a condemnation of Kristi, her readers, etcetera. Everyone’s made an argument that didn’t hold up to scrutiny or common sense, particularly bloggers. I mean, hi! Guilty!

    But seriously, to condemn the amount of coverage the story about Luna got shows a misunderstanding of not only what the story was about, but how the business works.

    @BARV – Put down the Haterade! Like others said, your dog wasn’t deaf and people still came to help you out. That story hit the paper because Luna was deaf and missing for several days. Context is key.

  11. Don’t be foolish. You are just looking for your own influx of hits. There are ample men and women with special needs that don’t get the same consideration this dog did. It was oversaturated and you are looking to still cash in.

  12. Kevin, read, then throw Haterade out. My point was that no media would help me because they said “if we help you, everyone will expect us to help them” ….get it?

  13. You’re all just feeding into the frenzy!! And I doubt Kristie HATES Luna. She just needs a good Luna kiss!

  14. One more “attack” BARCV – knowing you have so much wooded area near your home, maybe you shouldn’t let them roam free. I know dogs like to run but you should’ve only let them when you were with them. In any case, I do hope you found your dogs. If not, I am truly sorry for your loss.

  15. I can’t believe how this subject has brought out such hateful, nasty comments on every blog that has covered the story. What a sad statement about our society.

  16. But people, it’s just a dog. Seriously.

  17. Jackie, they were not roaming free, they have dog runs (about 50 yards long), they snapped when the trash man came through, that’s how they got off their runs. My dogs are always on a leash because of living in the country, between rabbit animals, cayotes, hunters, etc. I did get them back, thank you.

  18. I’m not generally a fan of excessive anthropomorphism, but I do feel good when anything lost is found. If it’s important, than its return makes the owner happy, regardless of what the nature of the lost thing. And, inequitable treatment (condemnation, acceptance, concern, etc) abounds, so I can’t complain.

  19. Anne-Marie Sheehan

    It’s all about survival of the cutest. Luna is adorable! That’s why we care. The same principle applies to missing children. If they look like Elizabeth Smart, Jobenet Ramsey and Natalee Holloway and they go missing, the media goes into a frenzy. If Luna was a mangy, mean-looking PitBull less people, the media included, would show concern. There’s definitely a bias in coverage. Beautiful people and adorable animals get more media attention. How’s that for an ugly truth?

  20. BARV – The story was picked up by the paper, not the result of the shelter or its owners specifically going to the paper about a dog being lost. It’s a bit more complicated than that: the story arose from the attention given from the public and online. And again, context, dude.

    I “get it” and know what point you’re trying to make, but you’re working off a false premise. Apples and oranges.

    Another fallacy/illogical conclusion I see people jumping to is that this story about Luna somehow took a spot away from a story about a real human being that was suffering and needed help. Also not the case. Are we going to discount every human (or in this case) dog interest story because it’s not about something we deem more important?

    The long and the short of it is that no true harm came from coverage of concern that people had over a dog. If you think people talked about it too much, fine. Sorry that people have interests that differ from yours, but you can always just not follow that person or skip that article. Harping on it the way so many have is so needlessly cynical it’s distressing.

    All of this discussion says less about the media than it does the pathological need for contrarians and cynics on the internet to blow off steam by focusing their negative energies people who just want to find a dog for God’s sake.

  21. Kristi is shallow? In other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

  22. And some people just read the Luna story because they had to get past it to get to the Jumble puzzle.

  23. BARV’s frustration is understandable.

    But across the most recent decades…not every abducted upper middle class white teenager gets the media attention Elizabeth Smart gets…nor does every idiot get the attention Octomom and Balloon Boy/Family got.

    What stories get media attention revolves very much around luck, circumstances and context. Would Don Imus’ comments that got him fired have garnered the media attention they did if it was not for such a slow news week? we’ll never know, but there is a good chance if Don Imus had called someone a nappy headed ho on 9/11 it would have never been covered…neither would Luna.

    What aggravates most people about Kristi’s blog post is that the Luna story didn’t stop something else from being covered…it merely generated additional time spent on the news that day. We don’t think Kristi is annoyed because the TU or the local news cut out its coverage of, say health care reform, business news for the dog that Kristi was dying to hear about…she was merely annoyed she had to hear about that story. Its a very strange story of arbitrary annoyance…which drives the thought that it was merely posted to generate traffic…

    but I’ll say what I said yesterday…Albany is not a hard news city…and aren’t we all a little old to be mystified and miffed at the way our modern media works?

  24. Kristi’s just jealous; if she had broken out of her dog cage and got lost, not nearly as many people would care.

  25. Agreed Rob. She lost credibility with me.

  26. -Comment deleted by Rob-

  27. BARV & Mick: It’s natural to assume that I’m just looking to boost my own traffic with this item, but that’s not the case.

    The truth is that I only have a very vague idea of how many people read this blog. Some people obsess over their stats and that’s understandable. You can see which posts resonate with readers, the time of day they visit the site, geographic distribution, and more.

    I should probably look at my traffic numbers every day —in fact, when I wrote Albany Eye I studied them constantly.

    Now? Not interested. My job is to try putting up some content that people want to read, not to keep score of how many visit the site.

  28. what i DONT like about kristi’s blog is that there is no room for intelligent conversation. i mean, i know it is pretty much a celebrity fashion, gossip blog, but please! as soon as you say you don’t agree with kristi, you are automatically attacked by the OTE gang that spends their days commenting on her blog. kristi said her thoughts; now let me say mine! the whole discussion on OTE quickly degraded regarding luna; kristi jumped in to pick on commenters spelling when they disagreed with her and then she came out and said that pet lovers are mean! (read the comments, i kid not). the whole thing just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and i will not be reading any more of miss gustafson’s work in the future…

  29. I’m very glad BARV, I sincerely hope it never happens again.

    More people who own pets should learn a valuable lesson here, no matter if you live in the city or the country, you need to be aware of your pets when they’re outside. Anything can happen, whether it be a runner that maybe has gotten well used over a year or more, or it could be “I’ll just let him/her out to do it’s business and think the pet will come right back in. They won’t, they enjoy freedom just as much as us humanoids. There is also the scenario of cruel neighborhood children or teens, it could also be a wild animal with or without rabies. Just remember, pets are the same as your own children. They are a special part of any family.

  30. I agree with Rob and second Serena’s comment. I peruse Kristi’s blog on a random basis and comment occasionally. I’d be commenting a lot more if I didn’t know that my dissenting opinion would automatically be jumped on by those who apparently think Kristi is a goddess of some sort. Her “suppporters” (more like cult followers) seem to never have opinions of their own. They’re kind of like a pack of dogs Kristi unleashes on those who disagree with her, or -gasp- who spell something wrong. Then Kristi chimes in with an oft-one sentence response ridiculing the person. It’s become a vicious cycle that is just getting extremely tiring. Then again, perhaps I’m just jealous that her job involves browsing celebrity blogs, linking to them and writing two-paragraph comments that offer little to no insight to the topic, and writing a few stories a week on topics nearly everyone could present themselves to be an expert on if they know what blogs to go to. (,,, etc. even

    I’m sure Kristi wrote that blog as a way to get hits. And I’m sure her comment (“The only thing I will say, though, is I’ve learned that people who are pet-passionate often aren’t very nice to people.”) was intended to do the same. She’s succeeding in her goal and I’m sure her editors and bosses are elated. Perhaps they are also elated that this post was made linking to Kristi’s, to get some cross traffic and stir the pot a little more. We’re all falling for it!

  31. Kristi does have some emotional awareness. She did think it was big news when she misplaced her credit card.

  32. Alright, guys. Let’s keep it on the topic of discussion and not turn this into unfair ad hominem attacks on Kristi’s character (professional and otherwise). There’s no need or call for that.

  33. Kevin, you don’t get it, it wasn’t a matter of disagreeing or agreeing, I simply made a statement that what’s good for one, isn’t good for all. …and I do understand what Kristi was trying to say. I love dogs, and my dogs are definitely like my kids to me, and I am thrilled that so many people pulled together and that Luna was found. When I found out my boys were home, I literally left my hairdressers seat, with my hair half cut to get home to my dogs. I was standing on my porch when the garbage man came through, it just happened so fast that they were already on the run when I got down the lawn and I ran through the woods, but obiously, they are faster than I am, and were running after deer. Everyone has an opinion, and they are entitled to it. I hate being preached at for mine.

  34. Rob – There can always be a story that someone would want to read but if the content is not generating the traffic then you are failing in your efforts. I highly doubt you’d get the publicity from the TU if you did not achieve some level of readership in your role (paid or unpaid).

    From what I can tell though congratulations are in order, this has become your post with the most comments since you started blogging for the TU. Also of interest is that it’s not the first time you’ve thrown some barbs Kristi’s way on your blog. No one wanted to interview you about what’s on your iPod so you created your own. Must be suffering from envy I guess. At least be man enough to take your comments directly to her. That’s what I do.

  35. Wow . . . if Kristi gets 230 comments on her post, and you’re at 30+ and counting for your Kristi post, then if I go over to my TU blog and write a quick “Rob Madeo Hates Kristi Gustafson for Hating Luna” post, then I should get like [insert sound of calculator spinning] 6,900 comments!!!! Then the TU advertising department will love me best of all!!! Huttah!

  36. kevin, i think you need to direct yourself to kristi’s blog and take a look at how she handled it before you talk about attacking her character. THE WOMAN OPENLY MADE FUN OF PEOPLE WHO DISAGREED WITH HER. it DOES speak a lot about her professionalism. if you can’t use the TU blogs to talk about what is bothering you regarding their employees, where can you?

  37. There’s a new post on her blog regarding what to wear when you are lost in the woods plus a 30% off coupon to H&M to purchase said fashion.

  38. Let’s see – “Kristi Gustafson Hates Luna the Dog”? Yeah, I’m checking her post and … nope, she never says that.

    “Poor, deaf, lost-but-now-found bulldog mix Luna was targeted for ridicule.” Again, nope. It was the amount of coverage that was ridiculed, not the dog.

    “Mangy mutt!” Your words, not hers.

    “It’s surprising that somebody who writes about male corsets and Kate Gosselin’s hair finds a story about a lost dog frivolous.” Once again, “frivolous” is only contained on your blog.

    “Surely Ms. Gustafson understands the news business, so maybe she’s just being provocative to get more action on her blog.” You’re clever here; you throw in that “maybe” so we can’t accuse you of making that statement with no facts to support it. But you sure got the idea out there, didn’t you? And of course, we are supposed to take your word for it later on that you have no interest in your hits or numbers.

    Finally: “People who don’t get why Luna is a valid story” would not include Kristi based on my reading of her blog. In fact, what she says is: “Luna’s back and we have bacon to thank (gooo, processed pork), and that’s a good thing, but I just gave up caring after day one (which did interest me).” So the initial story was something she was interested in, imagine that.

    Solid piece of blogging, Rob. Solid.

  39. Thank you Kevin (#32)! I dislike seeing people personally attack someone for their opinions. Let’s not allow that to happen here please.

  40. If Rex said it, then it must be true? If people were actually reading more with their heads, they would connect more dots, and realize there are actually more topics that affect and touch their lives, and possibly more traction they can exercise. The dog was cute, it was deaf, it was lost: the perfect storm. Any news that inspire a “aww” feeling to me is a huge red flag. And now it was found: warm fuzzy feeling for everybody. My cold-hearted opinion: reach further to pat yourself in the back. A lot of people felt concerned because we all had, at one point, a pet. But maybe it also reflects our fear to fail as a responsible person: a dog doesn’t “escape”, a dog is lost. It is your/my responsibility to take care of a pet, and losing it isn’t the best feeling. Read more with your head, put things in perspective and you will realize you are connected to many other issues and people: you don’t “own” them, they don’t necessarily keep you warm at night, they are not fluffly, they might even be very filthy, and it takes a different kind of effort to care for them…

  41. The question Kristi has not answered is why she decided to give this topic even MORE media attention when she already thought it received too much. Why not just ignore it and let it be done once Luna was found? Seems like an attention/comment grab to me.

  42. Rosemary Tofinchio

    Rob, never once did she say she hated Luna. If she did, can you quote it? This is an obvious attempt by you to generate hits for your blog. She is hired to do features and fashion, so of course she blogs about it. Why is this hard for you and the general population to understand? I blog about Clifton Park. Pretty soon, I imagine, I’ll be attacked for blogging about my place of residence if everyone follows this line of “logic.”

    Be proud of yourself, Rob. You made yourself some interesting “friends.”

  43. You people never cease to amaze me hahahaha.

    Mr. Madeo, why don’t you try advancing yourself in reading comprehension before you go publicizing a false statement. If I said “I don’t understand how Rob Madeo’s blog is even front page material”, doesn’t mean I hate you. Her whole point was how a missing dog can get so much coverage, but if a child goes missing, it isn’t even heard about as much.

  44. “The question Kristi has not answered is why she decided to give this topic even MORE media attention when she already thought it received too much. Why not just ignore it and let it be done once Luna was found? Seems like an attention/comment grab to me.”

    i very much agree. and, this time, i do not think the attention-grabbing scheme worked in her favor…

  45. Can we TU community bloggers even SEE what our our traffic is? I’ve been here for nearly three years and have never seen a report of who reads what or how many people hit my posts. (I do monitor traffic at my own website, though). That inability to see any real response to any posts has sorta removed, for me, any sense of wanting to write to influence traffic, for better or worse . . . since if I cared as much about who read my stuff as I care about writing it, I might actually produce something of greater community value . . .

    All of this comment is moot, by the way, if Rob tells me that there’s some portal somewhere we can monitor our traffic, and I’ve just been missing it all these years. If that’s the case, then I’m writing for hits again, baby . . .

  46. @ Shimmy – They would if the child is deaf and is missing 9 days during a cold snap! How many days did they search for that small boy who ended up in the Hudson River? Close to 2 weeks and all the while the story still made the news. Jaliek Rainwalker is still being put in the news occasionally and he’s been missing for years! You should have more specific instances in mind when you blog inaccurate statements.

  47. Rob — I’m happy I found your blog. You’re very funny and most often I agree with you. I was very happy to hear that Luna was found. A few days ago I saw the notice taped to the wall at the Wolf Road Dinner and I felt sad – like I always do whenever I see notices for lost pets. Kristi was really out of touch with that one.

  48. Kristi and her readers should be congratulated. The are the the blog equivalent of “the most popular girls in school.” “Who’s blog has the most readers?” “Your blog needs to talk about Kristi to be popular.”

    Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

  49. Michael Huber,

    Lots of ugly in these blog comments. And all because Kristi thinks the media overdid it on the Luna story. Or is it because some people saw it as a chance to rip into Kristi.

    It’s good to question and debate her (or any blogger’s) point of view. I mean, after all, that’s why it’s a blog and not a monologue. But it’s scary how quickly some of you attack the writer. Does it make you feel better? I don’t get it and I never will. And it’ll never change.

    Long day. Heading home to walk my dog.

  50. In which the author responds to several comments:

    #18 BL: I, on the other hand, am a HUGE fan of excessive anthropomorphism.

    #26 Eggplant: Sorry, but that crossed the line so I had to pull the plug. It’s OK to call me names in here, but let’s not make personal attacks on other people..

    #34 Mick: You are SO on to my game. Keep checking back for responses to your comments; the publisher loves the clicks.

    #35 J: Go for it! My most popular topic before this was a post on dog poop, so reach for the stars.

    #38 CJ: That is a GREAT analysis of my flawed rhetoric. You should work for a newspaper or something.

    #42 Rosemary: Hyperbole. It’s my worst habit.

    #47 Maria: Thank you! Allow me to compliment your intelligence and good taste!

  51. Rosemary Tofinchio

    All this and condescension, too! I know exactly what “hyperbole” means, Rob, and this wasn’t it. You should apologize to Kristi for the flat-out lie you wrote as the title for this post, and change the title of your blog to “Rob Madeo: Man of a Certain Rage.”

    I notice that you didn’t have a response to post #49, Rob. Why is that?

  52. Rob, I am wondering if you are in need of a good talking to, just like Bobby. Hate is a very strong word. And not one we like to use when talking about our friends.

    Now, Alice just made a nice batch of cookies. Let’s have some and see if we can work these out. I’ll be there in a minute, I just have to frouf my shag..

  53. Bravo Rob! I personally do not care for Kristi’s columns or features so maybe I am biased. I am also a dog lover and was very glad to see the amount of attention given to the Luna story. I would rather read a story about Luna than one about what Kristi learned from dating Mr. x, Mr.Y or Mr. Z…… Thanks again!

  54. #51: Good idea. “Man of a Certain Rage.” Thank you, that has a nice ring to it.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on the point of hyperbole. I think it’s debatable.

  55. Saying she didn’t agree with Luna getting the mount of coverage she did doesn’t translate to her hating Luna, or dogs. Just like me saying I don’t agree with this post doesn’t mean that I hate you. I actually like this blog and stop in once in a while. I’m sad you resorted to this, though.

  56. Dear Amanda and “Crabby Old Roz”: Honestly, if I could do it all again I’d go with my original title for this post, which was “Blogger Bites Dog.”

  57. Rosemary Tofinchio

    Rob, all of the ideas in my comment were good. But no answer to my question?

    And Dave, we know you hate Kristi’s work. But you still post there. Why?

  58. Now THAT would’ve been funny!!!

  59. #57: I agree with what Mike wrote in comment #49 and didn’t think it needed further elaboration. Not every comment requires my two cents.

    If you talk to him you’ll find that he had no problem with what I wrote, but doesn’t like to see people use the comments section for personal attacks. I’m with him.

    Back in the old days I turned the comment section OFF on one of my blogs because it was largely a place where people insulted one another and made scandalous remarks. You could never get away with that today.

    Look, I think Kristi does great work and I’ve been reading her blog since day one —but I stand by my comments.

  60. serena – Kristi DID answer that question – see comment #266.

  61. CatherineMaryBush

    Rob, thank you for writing what so many people who read the TU blogs are thinking.
    She has no problems talking about sex but then thinks that the community rallying around a dog is disgraceful.

  62. Wow…. first dog poop, and now blind dogs. You’re on a roll. Keep it going.

  63. What was your agenda on this post? What did you expect to garner from such an inflaming statement. I’d take Kristi over you, any day, in a heartbeat!

  64. Off-topic: Whoa, interesting. The excitable TU commentariat is nominating this web log for A-list. Congratulations to the proprietor.


  65. #53 2remary – I don’t believe I have ever posted on Kristi’s blog. It is probably a different Dave. I only see what she writes in the hard copy version of the TU and then quickly add it to the fireplace….it is cold out after all….

  66. Ha Rob…did you see “Modern Family tonight”? They had had enough Luna-like anthropomorphism to sate you, I hope. Complete with monocle.

    I really do like all the sentiment, and it’s a nice feel-good story. But, I also see Kristi’s point. OTOH, not that Bruno’s gone, the TU needs to fill its white-space somehow. Split the baby…be happy happy for the dog and its owners and don’t begrudge the air time. But keep in mind that Luna (or Barkley), at the end of the day, they’re still drinking out of your toilet.

  67. Rob,

    Attacking the vaunted Ms. Kristi.

    You will live dangerously.

    Thanks for the holiday gift from the (ahem) topic that keeps on giving.

  68. #67: I’ve triggered a jihad. It’s like that Danish cartoonist all over again.

  69. Congratulations, Rob, it seems like you have done what you have set out to do, which is drive people to your blog…because you have me, but after this post, I won’t be coming back, so don’t get too excited.

    Kristi, without fear, posted her opinion about the Luna media blitz, which, forgive me if I am wrong, but aren’t blogs for opinion? While I am a part time OTE follower, I was a bit taken aback by Kristi’s stance on the issue, but COME ON, it’s a blog, not like her post was the headlining news of the TU that day. And never did she say she hated dogs! Kristi doesn’t need do “use this” to get more traffic to her blog. I’ve never heard of you before today, and I highly doubt your blog sees the traffic that hers does.

    Whether or not you are a TU staffer or just a contributor (again, I really couldn’t care to look), I really think that bashing one’s colleague, especially publically, is low class, and a wonderful judge of your character.

    It’s been nice meeting you, Rob…but I won’t be back… 🙂

  70. Now *that’s* hyperbole.

    (Unless someone really did try to cut your head offN

  71. Enough with the Haiti coverage already.

    • Michael Huber,

      To clarify things, and sorta ruin the joke, this ‘Kristi G.’ is a reader and not Kristi Gustafson.

  72. I agree with the cult follower reference. It’s always the same people commenting over and over and over again on Kristi’s blog. Get a life, people!

  73. Looks like someone needs to start making “Team Rob” and “Team Kristi” T-shirts.

  74. 68 comments does not a blogging jihad make.

  75. I love your blog! people need to take a chill and realize that it’s tongue-in-cheek and meant to be funny! Keep it up! You are AWESOME!!!!!

  76. Rob Mad-A-ho, thinks he’s got the goods, but he’s got nothing compared to Kristi. There’s no way he’d ever post his real feelings for all to see ’cause he can’t take the heat. He conveniently skipped over all of the hard to answer questions and only comes off, to those who can see, as an atention starved media whore. Furthermore, to cut the throat of a fellow TU blogger is way below the belt. You keep pecking away at those keys Rob. Someday you’ll have the love and respect that Kristi does and the readers who would actually be willing to back you up.

  77. For the record, I work with Rob Madeo and find him to be erudite, witty and extremely intelligent. Knowing that he would probably be attacked by the legion of OTE fans who can never find any fault with whatever Ms. Gustafson posts, he should get serious props for writing what he did.

  78. Rob, keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I don’t. That’s the way it is. But why do people continue to follow these bloggers if they hate/dislike/disagree with them so much? How is that enjoyable? And is this a sign of our struggling economy, job losses, lousy politics (both sides of the aisle) etc. that people have so much hatred to make these comments to Rob, to each other, to/about Kristi? Seroiusly. I thought I have been having a tough go of things but I must not be as bad off as some as these people.

  79. Well Rob, your blog is one of the ones I check in with on a daily basis. Sometimes I comment, more often I just read. In as much as you can know someone from what they write, I’ve mostly liked what you’ve had to say. You seem like a nice enough guy and sometimes you make me laugh. That being said, this post while not too inflammatory in it’s actual points has a really obnoxious and incendiary title. Bad choice there. But we are all grown ups and all human and that means we sometimes make mistakes. You’ve already admitted as much. I will still read your blog just like I still read Ms. Gustafson’s despite her vocal love of golf and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  80. If what #75 says is true, I guess not enough people know Rob’s personality or writing style to not take this post seriously. If it was meant to be a sarcastic, witty, funny post – it didn’t come off that way. It sounds pompous and ignorant. Regulars on OTE have no issue ever, EVER disagreeing with Kristi.

  81. Thanks to everyone who’d joined the conversation. If I’ve responded tartly to a comment or two, don’t take it the wrong way. I value the input and appreciate your time.

    Once again, if I could put the toothpaste back in the tube I’d have called this post “Blogger Bites Dog.” It’s funnier, more accurate, and less harsh.

    Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I like Kristi and appreciate her writing. Just ask Doug how many times I’ve defended her work to him and others in my office. But as for the post being factually inaccurate, I respectfully disagree. It’s not a news story, it’s an opinion piece. Actually, it’s an opinion piece about an opinion piece.

  82. Here’s the thing: so what if somebody does actually hate dogs? Most of us might find those people suspect, but it’s still allowed, right?

  83. I’m sort of intrigued by the possibilities posed by internecine blog wars here on the TU community page . . . how exciting would it be to see a comment cage match between, say, the Mommybloggers and the Foodies, y’know? (I’m putting my money on Barnes. He’s tough.) I just might have to go electronically kneecap someone, sign it “Capital Confidential,” and sit back and enjoy the show . . .

    On a (slightly) more serious note: in re #77, DaveToo’s comment that “Someday you’ll have the love and respect that Kristi does and the readers who would actually be willing to back you up.”

    Love?? Really??? Love’s kind of a strong word for the relationship that blog commenters have with bloggers isn’t, isn’t it??? Does anybody really love anybody they don’t really know in real life just because they like their blog? Really? That seems kind of, um . . . sad, on some plane. Just saying.

    In the same way that folks chided Rob on throwing around the word “hate,” I’d think you would want to see the word “love” used with some modicum of sanctity and meaning too . . .

  84. I can concur with Amanda on the disagreements with KG. I’ve been in that doghouse more times then I care to count. Just as I told Kristi, when you are wrong I’ll tell you that you are wrong and when you are right by all means I’ll tell you that you are right. I don’t have a problem doing either. Congrats on 80+ comments Rob! Dog poo or no dog poo.

  85. The End.

  86. The real mystery to me is how Kristi, who in every other way resembles that single everygal with the shopping addiction, Cathy from the comics, could be allergic to dogs. Don’t she and Irving have a couple? Ack!

  87. The back and forth between the TU and CH13 is pretty exciting. Mark it down because someday your grandkids will ask you where you were during the Dead Media Wars.

  88. #83 – No, sorry – it’s illegal!

  89. Eye,

    Never thought of all of this questioning Ms. Gustafson to drive up numbers. Lots of conspiracy types out there, it seems.

    I have long asserted that your topic on this occasion has historically created a myriad of gifts that keep on giving. And giving. And giving some more.

    Like the time of The Graduate NOT days, being the older woman at 28 when the boyfriend was 22. Somewhere, Mike Nichols, Anne Bancroft, and Dustin Hoffman continue to chortle.

    Again, you will live dangerously, but better to live dangerously than in bureaucratic obedience to the pack.

  90. It’s official: Luna’s story just went national courtesy of – you just can’t make this stuff up — PawNation:|search3|dl3|link3|

  91. “The back and forth between the TU and CH13 is pretty exciting. Mark it down because someday your grandkids will ask you where you were during the Dead Media Wars.”
    Now that made me laugh, BL.

  92. Mr. Madeo:

    I enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate your willingness to engage in rational debate on many diverse topics. However, it seems as if you struck a nerve here.

    Some of the responses generated herein are illustrative of what blogs are becoming. The suffocating influence of orthodoxy and standardized thought is evident in many blogs including some on the TU. Sadly, some blogs have become places where debate is frowned upon. On some blogs, if you don’t agree with the opinions of the self-appointed blog insiders or their leader or if you post any negative opinions about them or their beloved blog, you immediately come under fire. The blog militia will go swiftly on the attack and will take no prisoners. Their favorite weapons are insults and childlike behavior. Then again, they don’t welcome debate or dissent because their opinions are the only ones that matter. There can be no other possible acceptable opinion. As one of the truly great Americans of the 20th Century wrote: “The struggle is always between the individual and his sacred right to express himself and…the power structure that seeks conformity, suppression and obedience.” Although written against the government in the context of the First Amendment, this quote has applications to the state of blogs today. The power structure being the self-appointed blog insiders.

    Clearly, you are envious of the other blog. The other blog is better than yours. It must be, it has more hits. Then again you’re a media whore. Dave Too must have spent hours coming up with that intelligent response. And don’t forget the crabby one demanding that you apologize for your blog headline. Be proud of yourself, the crabby one doesn’t like you. Hey, if she was your friend, you wouldn’t need any enemies.

    I hope that the man of a certain age withstands the wrath of the OTE minions and lives to blog another day. Maybe someday, like another blogger, you will earn the love and respect of your readers and they will defend you to the death. Remember God, Blog, Country or dulce et decorum est pro blogia mori. Then you can bestow upon your readers the tile of fidei defensor.

    Keep blogging. I’ll keep reading. You may earn my respect, but not my love.

  93. I am not a minion.
    Daniel Webster is really Rob, isn’t it?
    I only spent seconds, can you tell?
    Love makes the world go ’round.
    The End.

  94. I, too, hope that you live to blog another day, Rob. I want to assure you that you have nothing to fear from a 49 year old, 5’1″ arthritic woman should you not apologize to Kristi for your headline. Good Lord! I had no idea that I was so dangerous!

  95. #94: I could never write something that good.

    #95: Roz, I’ve admitted a couple of times that it was a stupid headline, but I agree that an apology is in order. As for you being dangerous, I know you spend some time in the kitchen…

  96. Rosemary Tofinchio

    Sorry, Rob, too much of a fan of free speech to put you out of our misery!

    Apologize, don’t apologize…whatever. I was referring to Daniel Webster’s post. Kristi and the crew are doing fine either way on the slightly-out-of-control-cocktail-party that is her blog.

  97. Daniel Webster is my hero. I pictured myself sitting by a fire, sipping a hot toddy, while he read to me from a leatherbound book in a very deep voice. Well done, well said, gentleman.

  98. Daniel Webster is impressive.

  99. Thinking of doing a Luna silk-screen, and ‘tagging’ her in black paint all over Albany. It’ll be all-Luna, all-the-time, everywhere.

    Yes, too much time on my hands…

  100. I like that idea, Erin’s Dad. How about a Nipper-sized Luna replica atop the DEC building?

  101. Eye,

    I’ve gone and done it. Again.

    I’ve upset a blogger. This time, it’s your pal Rosemary. She may have gotten a wee bit miffed about something I recently wrote on the Ms. Kristi topic. Not sure, but I think Rosemary’s reached a Snit and may be well on her way to a full-blown Tizzy.

    I posted this response on her blog. She may nix it. But knowing you, I figured you might get a chuckle out of it.



    For context, here’s the second paragraph of Post #16 by Rosemary on the thread:

    “FFF, by your own admission, you aren’t from Clifton Park and you rarely visit. Your contempt for Kristi and those who associate with her is palpable. I can’t think of a reason why you would even read this post in the first place! For that matter, why do you read Kristi’s blog? In fact, don’t comment back unless you have an honest answer for that. If I really can’t stand something, I avoid it. I avoid it like the plague. But you immerse yourself in it?”




    It’s actually FFN. Really, you should not type when you’re in such a state.

    “…by your own admission, you aren’t from Clifton Park and you rarely visit.”

    Yes, I’m not from Clifton Park. I’m from the distant land of Glenville. And I never indicated that I, in your words, “rarely visit.” I offered no indication as to the frequency of my trips to Clifton Park. I noted only that I frequent a certain Clifton Park business and that I prefer a particular brand of beverage. From where or what did you draw your inaccurate portrait of my travel patterns to Clifton Park?

    “Your contempt for Kristi and those who associate with her is palpable.”

    Can you define the word “contempt”?

    Let’s make it easy. Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of the word:

    Contempt Pronunciation: \kən-ˈtem(p)t\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin contemptus, from contemnere
    Date: 14th century
    1 a : the act of despising : the state of mind of one who despises : disdain b : lack of respect or reverence for something
    2 : the state of being despised
    3 : willful disobedience to or open disrespect of a court, judge, or legislative body

    IN RESPONSE, #3 is not applicable as Ms. Gustafson is not a court, judge, or legislative body. Numbers 1 and 2 focus on the acts of despising or having disdain. I do not despise or have disdain for Ms. Gustafson. Quite frankly, I neither despise nor have disdain for any woman, man, or other interest. Well, maybe the olive that gets wedged in the bottom of the jar. I’ve been known to get mighty mad at that olive. And I’m not a fan of lots of ice in my iced coffee. Or the use of instant replay during sporting events. Of course, I have no hatred for these things. They are just irritants.

    Sort of like Ms. Gustafson.

    “I can’t think of a reason why you would even read this post in the first place!”

    Umm, that’s your fault. You wrote the headline. The Times Union and the evil Mr. Huber (chuckle) seemed to think it catchy enough to post prominently on this website. Headline caught my eye. I responded. So, you’re the one responsible for bringing me here. Be gentle with yourself.

    “For that matter, why do you read Kristi’s blog?”

    I never do. In fact, I stopped reading Ms. Gustafson’s column in the newspaper several years back. The “older woman” effort (or lack thereof) really ended my interest. Turned my tummy, too.

    “In fact, don’t comment back unless you have an honest answer for that.”

    Yes, I do have an honest answer. I just wrote it for you.

    “If I really can’t stand something, I avoid it.”

    Kind of explains the state of America these days, doesn’t it? Those who didn’t like to think about all those complicated things like, umm, public policies, taxation, deregulation, foreign policy and the concept of “blowback”, and the litany of other issues have kind of left us, a government “of, by, and for the people,” in a real pile of doo-doo. They – we – couldn’t stand so much of that “stuff” and now we’re paying for it, aren’t we?

    “I avoid it like the plague. But you immerse yourself in it?”

    Do I immerse myself in the areas of public policy, taxation, deregulatiuon, foreign policy and the concept of “blowback”, a whole host of other issues, and the endless search for the perfect cup of iced coffee? You bethca! (wink)

    In the (ahem) efforts of Ms. Gustafson, I don’t waste a second. That’s hopeless. Her fans, let’s call ’em “The Ignorers,” will just keep on keeping on. Meanwhile, Main Street slowly burns.

    Next time, if you want to know how often I visit Clifton Park, don’t assume. That makes a, well, posterior out of U and ME. Instead, just ask.

    Have a nice weekend!

  102. Very comprehensive point-by-point dissection, FireFran. You should get paid by the word! 😉

  103. Nah, I just like my Merriam-Webster definitions.

    Now, about that olive in the bottom of the jar………..

  104. Congrats on having more than 100 posts. Can’t you feel the respect and love growing by the minute?

    Thanks for the compliments. To paraphrase an iconic figure of the 20th Century: I’d like to says thanks on behalf of myself and the blog and I hope I passed the audition. I know its the 21st Century, but I guess, like Billy Pilgrim, I’m unstuck in time or I too am a man of a certain age who can recall back to the 20th Century.

    Getting back to the present, I see the blog militia has retreated. Although I don’t envision that it is anything like Napoleon’s retreat from Russia.

    Dave Too, Sorry, I’m not Rob Madeo, but you’re still a minion. Crabby, I wouldn’t worry about me. You can easily withstand the slings and arrows of my tongue-in-cheek attacks. However, now you are facing the wrath of the most diabolical of all villians of the TU blogs, the infamous Fire Fran Now, the scourge of the College Sports Blog and Mrs. McCaffery’s number one fan. He is so evil and detested that he makes Boris Badanov look like a saint. Good luck with that battle.

    Rob, keep working on your mea culpa to Kristi. Keep blogging. And like MacArthur, I shall return.

  105. I ❤ Daniel Webster.

  106. Daniel Webster, my firm has been looking for you. Our client, Mr. Scratch, has some unfinished business with you regarding your slanderous behavior during the recent Jabez Stone unpleasantness. Our Dixville Notch office will be in touch with you shortly.

    Mr. Madeo, I’ll have you know Kristi Gustafson is a Professional Journalist. She knows all the Very Important Rules professional journalists must know. She understands the gravitas subjects uncouth louts such as yourself ridicule actually deserve. Take Austrians having sex on the first date. Kristi knows that’s tacky and classless, and cultures that engage in tacky and classless behavior end up losing their empires. Have you shaken with fear at what a Hapsburg might do to you lately? I think not. Without early warning sources of information such as On The Edge, we here in the US of A could find ourselves in the same boat…engaging in tacky sex and excelling in nothing but skiing and pastries. Not a pretty picture, I assure you.

    Now, if another tacky and classless blogger saw your inflammatory headline directed at them, they might have reacted in a less than professional manner by, say, posting a recipe for pulled-poodle-and-slaw sandwiches and claiming they got it from an old Madeo family cookbook. You’re very lucky that didn’t happen, because Kristi is not such a lout.

    I hope that you accept your comeuppance with grace and move on, sadder Bud weiser.

    BTW, the secret to a really good pulled-poodle-and-slaw sandwich is, of course, the old “low and slow” method of smoking. Just in case you were wondering.

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