July 4, 2009

In the past if you travelled to Canada or Mexico or even  places like Bermuda you haven’t needed a passport. Until now. Due to new rules our family needed to get passports to avoid a hassle during our vacation this week in Ontario. But the funny thing is you don’t need a passport to get in to Canada, you need one to get out.

The Canadians are very casual about who comes into their country which these days is sort of quaint. Or could it just be that people don’t want to sneak into Canada the way they want to get into America?

Nobody will argue that the last twelve months have been a great time. People have struggled with real hardship and with fear and uncertainty. And if you watch cable news you’d think that Michael Jackson is more important than the US troops fighting in Afghanistan. Yes, we’ve got issues but today if for nothing else you should celebrate this: you still live in a country that people run to, not from. And that’s really saying something.


One response to “July 4, 2009

  1. Whoa, the Canadians won’t let you leave Canada without a passport? Good to know. So they can only get new citizens by trapping visitors? Man, that’s desperate. And diabolical.

    Still, they’re a communitarian bunch at heart, eh? I’ll bet the detained get an igloo and a health insurance card, a case of beer and maybe some bacon that’s really ham — to, you know, get ’em started. I’d like to think so, anyway.


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