Best Super Bowl Spot. Period.

I wish I’d seen this before writing about online content and how it’s a problem for TV. This explains everything.


5 responses to “Best Super Bowl Spot. Period.

  1. So this explains Chris K.’s eerie hold on Capital Region viewers….. cue the Theremin

  2. Ten points to all of those who know what a Theremin is without having to look it up!

  3. Yet another reason to heart Alec Baldwin. That is one of the funniest freaking ads I’ve seen in a long, long time. Thanks Rob. Made my night. Now I’m off to soften my brain with some 30 Rock reruns.

  4. Ten points for me. If only I had something I could do with them.

  5. I also liked the Doritos “Crystal Ball” spot —but it doesn’t hold up to repeated viewings. Alec Baldwin is a national treasure.

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