Wes Welker Is Awesome

I’m hardly a big New England Patriots fan, but you’ve gotta love Wes Welker

The 5’9″  wide receiver went undrafted in 2004, made the Chargers but was cut, and finally got a slot playing special teams on the Dolphins. Since joining the Pats in 2007 he has excelled as one of the league’s hardest working, most consistent players. Regular guys can look at Wes Welker and see someone who’s living the dream. They all said he didn’t have the size or the talent, but personally, I’ll give you three Terrell Ownens for one Wes Welker.

Sunday Welker was slammed with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the Patriots game against the Cardinals. Why? After scoring a touchdown he laid down in the end zone an made a snow angel. How seasonal.


3 responses to “Wes Welker Is Awesome

  1. The NFL’s rules about touchdown celebrations are ludicrous and detract from the game.

  2. Not as ludicrous as the way they’re enforcing the rules about hitting people, but yes, ludicrous.

    Maybe they just called Welker to show they’re not being racist on penalizing end zone celebrations.

  3. I thought it was cute. Ok so I’m a girl and cute has a different definition than what boys think is cute; very seasonal…….as one boy said earlier.

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