Growing up on Long Island, me and my friends were always interested in the Mafia. The newspapers were filled with lurid stories of mob hits and arrests —and the widow of a well known mafia boss lived down the block from my aunt. And then there was my friend’s father, who we always figured was involved in something illegal. It got to the point that whenever we saw some Italian looking guy drive by in a big car, we figured he was in the mafia. Especially if he was smoking a cigar.

Anyway, it all came rushing back when I saw this story in Newsday about the FBI digging for bodies on Long Island. Yes, the FBI described the job as “conducting a search for physical evidence on the ground,” but that’s obviously shorthand for “digging for bodies.” And how about those pesky reporters? Also from Newsday:

A man who identified himself as the owner of All County Flooring Supply, the business nearest to the Baiting Place Road investigation scene, declined to comment and asked a reporter to leave the store. “We have a business to run,” he said.

“Flooring supply,” indeed.


One response to “Mobbed

  1. Paul De Georgio

    ..May be time to re-run your link to the Gangster Name Generator..

    I mean, you have a new dog.. be an awful shame if Fido were to have a little..accident..

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