Countdown to The Fourth of July

You know the story: it’s the day before a holiday and nobody feels like doing any work. I’d like to help you waste ten minutes of your employer’s time with this amazing video. Extra credit if you can name all 100 movies.


6 responses to “Countdown to The Fourth of July

  1. I could have used that at work today. It was a yawner!

  2. Let’s hope there aren’t a bunch of cranky employees lined up outside your office Monday morning.

  3. I knew I was missing something with retirement, I miss wasting my employers time.

  4. I got 32 right do I get any credit?
    great blog

  5. 32 is respectable…

    It would be interesting to know which ones people could name. That might be more revealing than the pure score.

  6. I would love to tell youwhich ones, but I type like 2 1/2 words per minute.

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